Graphene Oxide Water Dispersion 1L

Graphene Supplier -

Melbourne, Australia

Graphene Solutions, based in Melbourne, Australia, 

is a leading edge enterprise supplying Graphene

products to industry in the Australasian market

We can supply Graphene product in its most useful forms for research

such as Single Layer, Graphene Oxide, and Graphene on a selection of


Our goal is to provide high quality Graphene products, services and technical proposals. We have established relationships with research universities, national laboratories and innovative companies. We supply the highest quality graphene product at realistic prices. Graphene is used in such applications as:



Graphene Solutions sells a wide range of Graphene products to industry in the Australasian market
The world’s thinnest and strongest material with remarkable electrical, thermal and optical properties at your finger tips
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Graphene Solutions
Graphene Solutions
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Fuel cells Membranes 3D printing Sensors Photonics / Optics Medicine Lubricants
Electronic Displays Conductive Inks Composite materials Coatings and Paints Electronics Solar applications Batteries and supercapacitors
Suspended Monolayer Graphene on Cavities Monolayer Graphene on Cu - 1 inch x 1 inch Suspended Monolayer Graphene on TEM Grids (Quantifoil Gold) - Pack 4 units
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